About the School

Resonance the Spiritual School that has as its purpose teaching yoga, tantra and related subjects in a complete form which is adapted to today's society. It is an independent, non-profit and non-political association that is not part of any religious or political group and all school activities are based entirely on the voluntary work of its students and instructors in accordance with the principles of Karma Yoga.

Resonance was founded in 2001 as a Czech branch of the Romanian school MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute) by Eduard Selea, one of the first students of Gregorian Bivolaru, the founder and spiritual mentor of the MISA School. Since 2006 it became part of the International Yoga Federation Atman.

Learning objectives

The core teachings of this school include promoting physical, mental and spiritual development of students and aspirants, awakening their latent inner potential. Our goal is to help students through teaching, sharing experience and theoretical information, to become strong, concentrated and totally independent individuals who are able to find in their own life deeper meaning and purpose.

Taking the traditional and holistic path of working with spirituality and spiritual transformation, with an emphasis on the genuine and authentic value of yoga, tantra and meditation. We believe that the traditional doctrine, if applied wisely and from the heart, can be a tool of continuous transformation in the present. Instruction is available to anyone regardless of age (access to the course is allowed for children from 9 years), no matter if you have previous experience or lack any experience in this field. In addition to practical exercises lessons include also theoretical study in many fields of yoga and tantra. It is a multi-year study aimed at reaching spiritual heights, while always emphasizing knowledge based on personal experience rather than studying theory, although even this theory is represented in the courses of course (trainees receive a weekly printed materials throughout the study period).

Our students are encouraged to live a modern way and put their knowledge into use practically. Yoga and tantra, in our vision, help us to adapt to the times in which we live, their intensity, volatile changes and new challenges.

Regular spiritual practice can give your life a new deep dimension. Unearthing within you the kingdom of heaven is to perceive oneself as love and freedom, regardless of external conditions. The practice of yoga is cast into the stream of life, witnessing how your inner life flourishes, suddenly discovering a whole new life that will bubble out of your routine transforming everything into an adventure. "Everyday activities" need not be opposed to spiritual transformation. If we do them with spiritual involvement and vigilance, these activities can be our path to enlightenment. To do this, we offer you support and guidance.




Check the list of other branches of this course in countries around the Europe and whole world at website of Atman - International Federation of Yoga and Meditation.


Resonance has its roots in the Romanian school MISA (the largest yoga school in Europe), whose founder is yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. Grieg teaches yoga in all its immense breadth publicly since 1971. He is a realized tantric master who due to his proficiency achieved a high reputation in the international yoga organizations. See more biography.

Author of the book "Mystery of Sex - Alchemy of Ecstasy" on the MISA yoga school:

"That Tantra is a powerful force for political change; it is clear from the events in Romania in recent years. During the latter part of the repressive Ceausescu's communist regime in the 80s of the 20th century yoga was considered as a danger to the state and those who exercised were persecuted. The result was a growing interest, driven mainly Greorian Bivolaru, who introduced Tantric yoga classes in their school, regardless of arrest, torture and imprisonment. Copies of sexual secrets and other yogic and tantric publications available in the west were smuggled into the country, translated, copied and distributed. Student Movement blossomed. MISA yoga organization, founded Bivolaru, began to expand their spiritual, non-political and non-sectarian information about tantra. It became an underground movement with more than a thousand members. In 1989 the dictator was removed and the government has changed.

Today, MISA, the Romanian school of yoga and tantra, well established, with more than twenty five thousand regular practitioners. The objective of this movement is the use of tantric teaching to revive and restore Romanian cultural and spiritual heritage. Although it is still considered by many authorities to be a threat, tantra has gained recognition and respect in Romania, at least for a large number of supporters."

Nik Douglas in his book of 1997 - Spiritual Sex: Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium, 
Pocket Books / Simon and Schuster, New York, ISBN 0,671,537,393th