Our Yoga System

The Resonance Spiritual school teaches its own system of Integral Yoga, which is unique in the world, and encompasses all the major traditional yoga forms, drawing its strength from a deep understanding of the authentic message of yoga. It is an exceptionally practical system, applicable to the daily life of each of us. The system elucidates the esoteric symbolic layers to clearly convey the essence of the ancient yoga techniques.

Most people associate yoga Asanas especially with the body positions, which are seen as a kind of exotic stretching. In reality, however, this is just the external, visible side of the Asana postures, only the well-known tip of the iceberg of yoga practice. Learning how to properly perform Yogic poses is the alphabet of Yoga, something to which particular attention should be paid to during the first years of practice. We do not want to remain at this incipient level learning just the alphabet; we want to be true Yoga poets! To discover the true value of the Asanas and their effects, of which we read in traditional yoga texts, it is necessary to explore much deeper.

One principle contains within it a large part of the magic of Yoga. Namely, that there is no contradiction or a clear separation between our body and soul, or, if you will, our energy, emotions and mind, but that together they form a single and indivisible whole. It is a well-known fact, and we can easily find plenty of evidence to what today most of us already know:

Lifestyle, thoughts and inner feelings affect our body. However, this principle works in both directions – our body, the way we treat it, directly affects our heart and soul. And this is what traditional Yoga focuses on.

Yoga is the path to simplicity and return back to the center of our own being. It teaches us not run from life and from ourselves, but rather to acknowledge and realize who we are, the whole incredible wealth, which is part of life itself. Different sacred scriptures, not just of Eastern traditions, relate to the human being and its body very admiringly: the temple of God, the image of God, a microcosm.

What actually happens when we perform some Yoga poses? First we focus on the physical part and very consciously pay attention to everything that happens with it: we enter the Asana, as necessary we aim to obtain the correct curvature in the corresponding part of the back, loosen the muscle groups that are to be relaxed, etc. And then we focus inside. This is a step which may initially seem difficult to many because they are not used to do so. Some people even say that they feel more restless than before. But this is only a side effect, through which you might realize for the first time in your life that you were consistently overlooking something. Awareness is the first step in this direction for change and greater harmony.

In each asana we concentrate on its specific effects. Our attention is the key that opens up the way to a deeper experience of Yoga. For example, In Bhujangasana, the Cobra pose, the emphasis is upon the heart. If we can focus there for some time, we begin to perceive subtle vibrations, vibrating energy. The Yogis tell us that man has not one, but five bodies, and that these vibrations correspond to the energy body, Pranamayakosha. If you remain in position even longer, we can begin to gradually realize that the energy that we perceive merges into a certain state. In the case of the Cobra pose, which activates Anahata Chakra, the heart Chakra, it will be a state of profound emotional peace and love. This is the next level of the subtle human body – Manomayakosha, in which we experience complex states. Thus we gradually and naturally proceed during the practice into an increasingly greater depths of our being.

Once you start practicing Asanas in this manner, it can never happen that you will get bored. Even if outwardly it seems static, inside takes place a dance of energy. We will always have in front of us the next step: to concentrate better, become more aware, more abandoned, to discover even more of the Asana’s effects.

Everything in nature around us and inside of us has a certain rhythm. Alternating day and night, seasons, inhalation and exhalation. The root of all these rhythms is the alternation of two states: active - passive. Like an archer who wants to hit the target must release the string after it was stretched tight, so after the Asana practice is followed by a phase of awareness. It is an equally important stage, as the active faze, because during this stage we collect the fruits of what we have, figuratively speaking, "planted" during the practice of the Asana. We return to the starting position while on the ground or standing and deeply enjoy it with all the effects.

The principle which is applied in Yoga practice is substantially opposite to the one applied in sport. Indeed, also in yoga idle muscles get stretched. Pleasant conditions that sport brings are the result of the fact that it releases some energy. Suppose we were tense from work, after we had a few sets of tennis with friends, we feel pleasantly supple and relaxed. In yoga, something else takes place. We do not exhaust the Energy with which we start practicing, but we internally process it, harmonize it and are thus direct it towards amplifying peace and happiness in our being. In addition, through the exercise we accumulate even more beautiful energy. The test stone of the success of our practice of traditional yoga is that after a workout we perceive greater harmony and more energy than before.

The results we achieve are directly proportional to how much heart, energy and time we put into our practice. The results will undoubtedly appear, sooner or later, in proportion to our training.

Yoga is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. Just as we all have two arms, legs, certain internal body structure, we have a mind, heart, soul, and we can develop appropriate practices.

Little by little, by the Yoga practice we can transform and develop our life. All the beautiful feelings and energies that we awaken with our own practice will bloom and show externally. Not only that through practice of traditional Yoga will we become healthier, but also happier, more harmonious, more confident and even wiser.