Why to practice Yoga?

There are many answers to this question. We can even count lots of reasons for that. The most simple one is that through Yoga we can get HAPPINESS. Everyone seeks happiness, but people usually look for it outside themselves.

Yoga helps us understand that HAPPINESS must be sought inside ourselves because HAPPINESS actually means harmony of the body, mind and soul. By practising Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, one can reach that physical, psychological, mental and spiritual equilibrium that is the source of happiness. If correctly and perseveringtly practiced Yoga can offer a state of health and body harmony. It actually offers countless ways to improve our life and destiny, to enlarge our personality and attain self-knowledge.
Yoga can increase our state of awareness and urge us to a spiritual experience toward our being. The sublime aspects that Yoga can enforce inside of us will bring some unique touch that helps us discover the divine sense of our life integrated in the Absolute.

  • Achieve physical, emotional and mental harmony and health
  • Awaken your latent potential enabling you to fulfil your dreams and goals
  • Complete holistic approach, where you can learn everything from postures to how to integrate yoga practice into your daily life
  • Continuous learning process, with each lesson building on the previous lessons
  • You can always take things at your own pace
  • Benefit from experienced teachers. Before they can teach, all our teachers have practiced Yoga for a minimum of 3 years before even beginning the extensive 2 year teacher training course
  • All courses are supported by our Centre's social environments, where you can meet and interact with like-minded people with similar aspiration
  • The course covers both theory and practice so you can understand how and why Yoga works, and how to apply the practice to eliminate specific problems, or to amplify specific qualities

There are no disadvantages...